Security cameras have come a long way in today’s market, and are a very effective tool for every business no matter what your industry. Easytel specialise in delivering cutting-edge technology to make sure your business needs are covered. With Easytel, we show you how valuable surveillance can be and how affordable we make it.

There are numerous benefits to surveillance in the workplace:

Discourage crime – this may be the most recognisable benefit of security cameras as no one wants evidence of any wrong doings

OH&S – making sure the workplace is a safe environment is a large factor most businesses don’t realise about surveillance

Employee efficiency – while general view cameras are not used for micro-managing, statistics find that employees work more efficiently when cameras are found in the workplace

Being in two places – whether you’re going on a holiday or just visiting another site, surveillance allows you see what is happening at all times with any smart device

Surveillance in a business is very important. Depending on your business you may need to protect from employee theft, shoplifters or both. Every business has specific needs and we are here to help customize a digital powerful surveillance system for you.


Easytel provides a full installation of the security system(s), which is the wiring, camera, and DVR mounting. We are not liable for any additional cost that may be required in the unfortunate event that wiring/cabling may be exposed due to conditions of the installation site.

This system is a great way to keep track of what is going on in and around your business – even when you are not there. When networked over the internet, our Camera Security Systems can be viewed live from off-site and also playback to view recordings. From simple single camera systems to complex multi-camera systems, we have a Camera Security System that’s right for you.

We provide off-site backups for customers who require disaster recovery. Off-site backups provide additional security in the unfortunate event fire, robbery or any other unpredicted event. Additional cameras and more advanced DVR’s are available.