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New Business

Starting a new business is hard work, so we bring the easy to your new project. Not sure how many lines you need? How many handsets are required? Or how many cameras will keep your business monitored? At Easytel we take the guesswork out with our experienced team who can run through your options to start with the best technology at the most competitive rates.We understand how stressful the beginning can be, so let us take some pressure off while you focus on the rest. Our dedicated team will ensure your first day moves like clockwork so you can concentrate on you.

Find out how Easytel can setup your business with its office needs.

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Relocating your business isn’t always as smooth as it may seem. With Easytel we strive to make your move seamless with our dedicated team that go above and beyond to meet your expectations and deadlines. In any business, telecommunications play a vital role in its day-to-day operations, so relocating means you need the right support when this happens. Most businesses like to see their operations stay the same during a move but struggle, let us show you how we can help make the most of your time to support your move. Many questions arise from a move; will I be able to keep the same numbers? Is there good internet at my new site? Is it costly to move my existing hardware? Easytel take you step by step through all options available to make sure your move simple and direct.

Let one of our internet gurus put forward the right package for your business.

Need an upgrade?

Time to change the analogue phone? Or had enough of the noisy copier? Maybe you just want to see number plates on your cameras. Technology always changes and so should every business to get ahead, don’t let your old equipment bring you down. Let us show you how Easy it is to upgrade your existing hardware with $0 upfront cost with your 100%Australian Telco that supports you.Easytel specialise in the latest technology;

• Phones
• Copiers
• Surveillance
Let us have one of our experienced account managers demonstrate how Easytel make business equipment more affordable. Why wait? Take advantage of our investment plans today and see your money take you further.

Upgrade today and save.

Let one of our internet gurus put forward the right package for your business.