Having the right communication tools is essential for any organisations. Easytel offers the best and latest phone system to meet our ever-changing business world.By selecting the right phone system for your business you will experience growth, improve productivity and provide customer satisfaction. To find out more or get our experienced consultant to tailor a solution that’s right for you.

Internet business phone systems are the best business phones because they offer features beyond just calling. These services can come with features like caller ID, call forwarding, call management, voicemail, call waiting, conferencing, video calls, and more. And you don’t need to pay anything for these features, unlike the traditional phone systems.

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Some of the benefits of using a business VoIP system are:

Flexibility: You can make or receive phone calls using your computer, mobile apps, and VoIP devices (great for remote companies or travelling entrepreneurs)
Scalability: Internet business phone systems are scalable without having to buy more phone lines or hardware
Data: You can track and analyze the calls
Price: They’re cost-effective for small businesses and startups
If internet phone systems are so great, what’s the downside?

VoIP isn’t the best business phone system for everyone – here are a few possible disadvantages to consider:

You need a good internet connection to make calls. If your connection is always cutting out or going down, VoIP may not be a good choice.
No location tracking for emergency calls. Traditional phone systems will give your location to emergency services automatically, but VoIP can’t do that.
With the above pros and cons in mind, let’s take a look at the best VoIP business phone systems.