Easytel Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Easytel Australia Pty Ltd 11 635 265 459

  • Data (NBN, ADSL)
  • Fibre
  • Voice

The services provided by Easytel Australia are subject to this Service Level Agreement (SLA). The SLA will take effect from the first day of billed services, once installation is complete.

  1. Introduction

This SLA encompasses all Telecommunications products and services provided by Easytel Australia Pty Ltd (Easytel).

Easytel is committed to delivering a service that is considered to be an industry benchmark for excellence, on which Australian businesses can depend.

All products and services provided by Easytel are sourced through a range of wholesalers and are therefore subject to the stability and availability of external networks. Easytel will make every effort to ensure these services are delivered to our customers at a high standard.

Easytel will only deliver our services outlined in this agreement to the Main Distribution Frame (MDF) / NBN Network Termination Device (NTD).

  1. Definitions
The Term Definition
Easytel Easytel Australia Pty Ltd 11 635 265 459 of Unit 4, 175 James Ruse Drive, Rose Hill NSW 2142
Business Day Monday to Friday: 8:30 am to 5:30 pm AEST (excludes Public Holidays)
Maintenance (Normal) Normal Maintenance refers to:

I.        Upgrades of Hardware or Software; or

II.       Upgrades to increase capacity



Urgent Maintenance refers to the efforts by Easytel to correct situations that are likely to cause a service outage, and which will require immediate correction
Metro Location within 50 km of the local calling area
Rural The location is 250 km away from a town that has a population of 10000 people or more.
Service Recovery The time that has passed by during standard service hours; between the fault being communicated through Easytel service channels and the recovery of the service.
Recovery Target The period which Easytel estimates to have the fault corrected.
  1. Faults

The customer or authorized contacts may report faults to the Easytel Service Centre.

Before the fault is reported, the authorized contact should check that the issues being reported are not caused by internal faults or other business equipment.

The customer will need to provide all relevant information to assist Easytel in troubleshooting various methods to solve the issue. All fault updates must be communicated by the authorized person to the remainder of the staff in their organisation.

If we find that the fault being reported is not caused by Easytel’s service/equipment after a service technician attends the site, an incorrect call-out fee will apply.

  1. Fault Management

Our standard service hours are between 8:30 am to 5:30 pm AEST Monday to Friday.

Faults may be reported 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If a Service Technician is required outside our standard service hours, a service charge will apply.

Easytel’s in-house service center will manage faults to their resolution.

  1. Service Objectives – Response and Communication

Response: Once a fault has been reported and all the necessary information has been provided, Easytel will respond to your fault according to its significance. We will provide you with an initial diagnosis, an estimated restoration time and progress updates.

If the fault suspends the operation of your services, Easytel will contact you within 3 business hours and provide you with progress updates on a regular basis. If the fault reduces the quality of your services, but does not suspend them, Easytel will contact you within 4 business hours and provide progress updates within a time frame agreed upon.

Communication: Once a customer has logged a fault with Easytel:

  • We will answer all calls within 2 minutes and confirm the fault that requires resolving.
  • Within 30 minutes of the fault being logged, Easytel will contact the customer to advise the progress of the issue and if possible, provide an estimated restoration time.
  • Every 3 hours (or within a time frame agreed upon), Easytel will contact the customer with the latest progress updates and the expected restoration time.
  • Upon resolution of the fault, Easytel will notify the customer as soon as possible.
  • If the fault resolution exceeds the expected restoration time, the customer can request a report outlining the details of the issue. The request must be made within 28 days of the fault is resolved. Easytel will provide this report within 5 business days of the request.
  1. Planned Outages

In the event of planned outages by Easytel’s suppliers, we will provide 5 business days’ written notice to our customers.

In the case of any emergency maintenance that may need to be conducted, Easytel will aim to provide up to 24 hours notice.

  1. Fault Resolution and Availability Targets

Easytel’s response and communication service objectives will depend on the information provided during the logging of the fault, its initial diagnosis, and the significance of the fault.

Within the CBD/Sydney Metropolitan area, Easytel aims for a 99.9% Availability Target within a Resolution Target of 12-24 business hours for products/services including FIBRE, Midband/EFM, NBN FTTP, NBN FTTN, NBN FTTB, NBN HFC, NBN FW, PSTN/ISDN, NBF Voice, and NBS VOICE.

Availability is calculated per calendar month as the total Standard Service Hours for the relevant month minus any unplanned outages during that month, divided by the total Standard Service hours for that month, shown as a percentage.

Resolution Targets are the maximum elapsed time, during standard business hours, from when the customer reports a fault to Easytel and confirmation to the customer that the fault has been resolved.

Some faults that reduce the quality of the customer’s services, but do not suspend them, may require monitoring over a time period to effectively diagnose and resolve the issue. This will be communicated to the customer through progress updates.

In the event of an outage, damage to a common cable in the street, or external infrastructure damages, fault resolution time frames may be extended. These will be communicated to the customer.

  1. Installation Targets
Product/Service CBD/Metro Regional Rural/Remote
ADSL2+ 5 – 10 Business Days 10 – 20 Business Days 20 – 30 Business Days
FIBRE Up to 65 Business Days TBA TBA
Midband/EFM 20 Business Days 20-30 Business Days 20-30 Business Days
NBN FTTP** 5 – 30 Business Days 5 – 40 Business Days 5 – 40 Business Days
NBN FTTN 5 – 15 Business Days 5 – 15 Business Days 5 – 30 Business Days
NBN FTTB 5 – 15 Business Days 5 – 15 Business Days 5 – 30 Business Days
NBN HFC 5 – 15 Business Days 5 – 15 Business Days 5 – 30 Business Days
NBN FW 5 – 15 Business Days 5 – 15 Business Days 5 – 30 Business Days
PSTN 5 – 10 Business Days 5 – 10 Business Days 5 – 15 Business Days
Easytel Digital VOICE 20 Business Days 20 Business Days 20-40 Business Days
Easytel Digital VOICE 5 Business Days 5 Business Days 5 Business Days
PORTING OF SERVICES Up to 6 Weeks Up to 6 Weeks Up to 6 Weeks

NBN FTTP** – This is subject to service class level at the premises where it is being delivered to

The above installation target times are contingent upon the capacity and availability of the installed network facilities.

Easytel will strive to keep to the installation target times where possible.

The relevant organizational structure and facilities must already be established for the installation target times to be fulfilled. Where the infrastructure is unavailable, adjusted installation target times will be recommended to the customer.

The customer should be aware that there may be instances where there is a delay in the installation target time advised by Easytel. This may be due to limitations placed upon Easytel by external suppliers.

Easytel will set appointments that must be attended by their contractor and the customer. It is the customer’s responsibility to organize access to the MDF and riser cables prior to the appointment if required.

  1. Telephone System Response Time

Outlined here are the response times for customers located in the Metro area. They refer to customers’ equipment that is currently under a maintenance agreement with Easytel or within the 12-month warranty period.

Once a fault is reported to Easytel, along with all the required information related to the fault, we will respond based on the significance of the fault.

In the event of completely non-operational equipment that has been delivered or the non-operation of an existing phone system supplied and installed by Easytel, we will respond within 2-4 business hours.

In the event of a partial reduction in the quality of an otherwise functional phone system (with the remaining business operations functioning normally), Easytel will respond within 8-24 business hours.

Response terms may change during outages and high workloads.

Refer to Easytel’s Maintenance Agreement for full terms and conditions.

We warrant that the equipment will function according to the supplier’s specifications for 12 months from the date of delivery. For this warranty to be valid, the equipment:

  • must not be altered, repaired, or maintained by an external party not approved by Easytel.
  • must be used in a suitable environment according to its specifications. It must not have been exposed to irregular physical or electrical stress, misuse, negligence, or mishap.

Where there is no current maintenance agreement in place, Easytel will provide a quote depending on remote changes, support, and technician visits.