At Easytel we focus on your office needs by catering unique plans that fit your business. The search for affordable plans with market-leading carriers is over, as we bring the Easy into finding the right plan for the best price.

Is your landline the bloodline of your business? It is ours too, that’s why at Easytel we understand how important your calls are, our carefully tailored plans focus on ‘you’ our customer, while you leave it in the hands of our experts.

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Are your mobiles connected with Australia’s best network? Easytel understands your business offering a wide range of plans that will cater for your day to day mobile communications. Having a strong communication setup is vital to all businesses ensuring them support at all times.

We make it Easy as all you have to do is pick how much data you need. Save today with our flexible plans that offer unlimited calls each month, including data and international roaming optional.

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Choosing the right internet has never been so Easy. With a wide selection of business grade internet you never need to fear data again. Our internet plans give you freedom with unlimited data & peace of mind with a static IP address. Multi-site setups needs links and networks for data sharing, let us show you how we take all the guess work out and streamline your setup.

Moving your servers to the cloud? Is your CRM, POS or ordering system internet based? Easytel will empower your business with the right plans that keep your business going whether it’s ADSL2+, Midband Ethernet, NBN or Fibre.

Let one of our internet gurus put forward the right package for your business.


What is the NBN?

The NBN is Australia’s new infrastructure for internet. Traditionally, we used copper lines to deliver voice and internet whereas now with the NBN Australian Businesses can take advantage of fibre-based technology, increased bandwidth, better speeds and voice quality are available to give every business the opportunity to achieve more.

How to take advantage?

The NBN enables business to take a leap into the future. With faster connections and more consistent speeds, Australian business can take advantage of digital technologies and increase their digital footprint. As the National Broadband Network works to replace the existing copper network, businesses can look into more efficient ways to operate.

End of Copper (PSTN) & ISDN

Time is running out for ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) services and business need to look at SIP (Session Internet Protocol) for implementing their voice services. The sale of all ISDN2, ISDN10/20/30 came to an end on the 30th of June 2018.

Starting September 30th 2019, Telstra will cease its ISDN network with an aim to have it fully decommissioned by 2022. As the NBN continues its rollout, businesses should be looking at their options to make the switch.

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Easytel prides itself on supporting Aussie businesses locally, giving the customer experience you deserve. We don’t believe in waiting for long periods of time to an offshore call centre, Easytel is about keeping jobs here locally to get to your enquiries faster

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